Funeral Insurance Consultancy
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The structure of the funeral insurance market consists of insurers, registered financial services providers for the category of this business, namely, intermediaries, administrators, etc. This is generally referred to as the formal category of the market. The so called non-informal category of this market consists of funeral parlours that plays a dual role of insurance and burial services provision, stockvels and burial societies.


NM FUNERAL INSURANCE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FIRM is poised to respond to the challenges and needs faced by this category of the market. This is done by leveraging on many years of the founder and owner’s experience running an insurance company and insights developed over 17 years in the funeral insurance space.


NM FUNERAL INSURANCE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FIRM commit to the following deliverables;

  • Improved service and processes
  • Improved Cost Management
  • Increased Revenue


Key requirements for the deliverables to be achieved are:

  • Partnership approach in dealing with challenges and opportunities identified
  • Open, transparent and robust engagements with key stakeholders


Include but not limited to the following:

  • Distribution channel/s capability enhancements
  • Claims management support
  • Provision of guidance and support in the engagements with key stakeholders such as the Regulator
  • Engagement and management support with regards to the interactions with the underwriters on issues relating to quotations, rate reviews, benefit structures, etc
  • Backlog management of claims, application forms capturing, etc
  • Receipt, allocation and reconciliation management and support of premiums
  • New business take-on management
  • Management of efficient distribution of confirmation of cover letters or certificates of membership
  • Efficient billing to clients
  • Facilitation of the development of the growth strategy


In a nutshell, NM FUNERAL INSURANCE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FIRM goes into your operations, unlock the bottlenecks, fold the sleeves and get on with it. That is what we are about.


  • We know the market intimately
  • We are experienced
  • We are dynamic
  • We are funeral insurance market centric
  • We partner with you to craft and execute your operations’ winning story
  • We believe in simple, practical and no-frills approaches
  • We speak your language
  • We disrupt through people
  • We do it…With you


  • Funeral insurance administrators
  • Funeral insurance brokers
  • Funeral schemes owners (churches, etc.)
  • Funeral insurance information technology providers
  • Funeral insurance intermediary services providers
  • Funeral parlours/undertakers
  • Funeral insurance providers that are emerging
  • Insurers


We provide simple but effective solutions. We are hands on.